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Hi folks!  
     Welcome to North Cole Pottery. Have a look inside to view some photos of our work, find out more about us, our background and where we're headed in 2016.       
     We continue to supply our miniatures, luminaries and ornaments for sale at Village Pottery in Seagrove, NC, and make them for the various shows we do throughout the year as well.  
      Our hometown show, the Sanford Arts and Vine Festival     of 2016 was great fun! Art at its finest, Spring weather, friendship, food--and free admission! Come and join us again next year for this wonderful two day event! 
     We wish to thank all of our customers who have collected our works for over twenty-five years!  We appreciate you and have such a wonderful time seeing your familiar faces at the shows we attend. 
                                         Sandy and Kevin          
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